The construction of the railway to Albania is again updated.

The government has obliged the Ministry of Finance to provide more than 500 million euros, money from international financial institutions and other investors for the construction of railway infrastructure from Kichevo to Struga.

The old project will be used, according to which the railway to Albania will be 63 km long and will cost 426 million euros. Rather than along the lake shore, the railway should pass through a tunnel on Mount Jablanica, directly into the town of Përrenjas, thus acknowledging UNESCO’s observations on the existing project.

If there is a need to change a part of the route, it will cost additional tools. Bocvarski had no concrete answer as to when it would start and how long it would take to build.

Boçvarski stressed that it is very important what infrastructure the Albanian side has, such as access to railways in Albania.

Information says that even beyond the border the railway is old and dilapidated and needs to be rebuilt.

The minister also says that the railway from Skopje to Kichevo will have to be rebuilt because it is outdated. According to him, work should be done at the interstate level, but also with the support of the EU in order to use more money from international funds.

Otherwise, the project for the construction of the railway to Albania was funded by the EU with 7.7 million euros and as such was ready in November 2017./alsat.m/