A 26-year-old young mother from Tropoja, married in Elbasan, gave birth to her first child, a daughter. After giving birth, she says, she was raped by her husband and his parents.

In connection with this event, he was provided with a one-year protection order. After this moment, a request came – the lawsuit from the husband’s lawyer, for the dissolution of the marriage and the custody of the daughter.

To justify custody, two documents were attached: an excerpt from Queen Geraldine Maternity Hospital, stating that the woman was suffering from a depressive disorder, and a prescription from a psychiatrist who had given her medication.
During this time, the young mother was charged by the former mother-in-law for selling the child, an accusation that proved to be untrue. The complainant meets the gynecologist Albert Cakoni, who says that he put his signature on the epicrisis document, without knowing what he was signing.

After the gynecologist, the complainant meets the psychiatrist Fatime Elezi, who has issued the prescription for her, but the doctor admits that the lady is not her patient.
Everything was done by the former mother-in-law Alma Ibrahimi, who pretended to be the complainant’s mother.

A psychologist named Najada has been assigned to the divorce case, who openly supports the complainant’s ex-husband. We consulted with the psychologist Aurela Agalliu, who says that the fact that the girl is 20 months old, directly connects the biological need of the child with the mother and the institutions can not decide to the detriment of the mother./klantv