Albania will play another friendly tomorrow evening against the Czech Republic in the transfer, while the coach of the Red and Blacks, Edi Reja appeared at the usual press conference, where he praised the opponent and demanded more accuracy in the attacking maneuver of his team.

What should we expect for this match? What changes do you plan to make?
We are on the alert and need to make the right assessments, but initially we will wait until tomorrow to see everyone’s form and whether they are able to withstand another match with intensity. The Czech Republic is also on the same level as Wales, as they play very fast with long balls and come out very fast in attack, so if we are not careful, we can be punished. We expect to show improvements especially in the attacking phase and as I said, we need to be more accurate and fast in coming out on the counterattack. We all accept that we are solid in defense, but we must also show in the attack ward that we have taken steps forward. From tomorrow’s match we will see improvement in the advanced stage.

What did you see from the Czech Republic’s friendly with Italy?
In a friendly match there are always false things, as the teams do the testing before the start of the European Championship and the focus and concentration are not the same. It must be said that Italy has a very strong and valuable team, which is rightly a candidate to win the European Championship, however Wales and the Czech Republic can be a surprise in this European Championship, so they should be respected.

What news should we expect in the attack?
Of course there will be changes, but we have to look until the last moments for the form of Sefri e Cikallesh. I will do my analysis and decide, but after talking to the players, I will try to change something in midfield as well. Then in the second half I will try to activate all the players, however from the beginning will start those who have more experience.