The court of Elbasan has given the security measure of arrest and imprisonment for the former member of RENEA, Arbër Paplekaj, who is suspected of killing Pjerin Xhuvani in Elbasan, while he has released from the cell 10 others who were arrested for illegal deprivation of liberty .

The Court also gave the security measure with the obligation to appear for Eldjo Beko, who was accused of not escalating the crime, while the citizen Kelmend Xhaferri continues to remain wanted for the event.

The 10 members of the Vote Protection Structure at the DP who have been released are: Arjan Hoxha, Pavlo Vuksani, Emiljan Prenga, Juljan Mataj, Erald Guga, Erjon Demushi, Taulant Ymeri, Roland Xhepa, Nuredin Kasma, suspected of committing the criminal offense “Illegal deprivation of liberty committed by force” in collaboration.

Sources inform that a list of names and some ID cards was found in Klemend Xhaferri’s car. Also in Mehmet Greca’s car were found a large amount of money, while his vehicle was without license plates.

According to the prosecution, two of the arrested Emiliano Prenga and Nuredim Kasmar have been convicted before, while the Prosecution has not yet clarified who shot first in the clash for political reasons.

As a result of the armed clash between the two groups in Elbasan, after the political clashes, Pjerin Xhuvani was killed, while 4 others were injured.

Paplekaj is shocked by the murder he committed, but says that he reacted in the conditions of self-defense and other persons with whom he was associated, while he himself had a wound on his hand, for which he requested a forensic examination. .

Paplekaj also expressed uncertainty about the condition of his family, wife and four children, adding that he did not allow hand treatment without a full report of his medical condition.

“Because I am very shocked by what happened because of the loss of a person’s life and that I never thought I would be in a situation and circumstance to risk someone’s life because I am trained and sworn to protect the lives of citizens despite the extreme circumstances in which I happened to react in defense of myself and the people I was with does not change the pain and shock I have.

Also, being in detention and not knowing the circumstances of my family and the four children I have for these reasons, I am not comfortable giving explanations at this time. I will not give explanations, but on the day of detention I requested the forensic examination and examination of a visible wound which I have on the last two fingers of my right hand.

This fact is also reflected in the register of the doctor of the detention rooms who saw this injury and registered it, but I did not let him treat me because the forensic examination was not done.

I am currently requesting a forensic examination. That’s all I have to say. “The minutes, after being read and found to be in order, were signed without any remarks”, it is said in Paplekaj’s testimony.