Neighbors of Klarita Ismalaja’s parents off-camera have said she may have been killed by her husband out of jealousy. Recently, a debate had started between them about a new housing for the mother and father of the 45-year-old.

She had asked Artan’s husband to buy her parents a new house, not on the outskirts of Fushë-Krujë where they live, but in Bubq. Coincidentally or not, he took the life of the mother of two boys in Bubq inside the surrounding premises of this factory around 10.45.

The 51-year-old stabbed him inside their “Ford” type car.

Artan Ismalaja then attempted suicide with the same knife. It was the business guard who approached the car and spotted their bloodied bodies. Artan Ismalaja was transported in serious condition for more specialized treatment in the capital.

It remains unclear why Artani and Klarita traveled from Tirana to Bubq. To avoid witnesses, Artan entered the car in a difficult area in the village of Bubq to stop inside this perimeter wall, which belongs to a tailor.

The couple lived in Tirana for years. The author has camera and computer service at the former train station in the capital.