New details have been revealed about the rape of the 19-year-old in Greece by a police officer a few days ago.

Greek media suggest that the girl has provided new information about the event which was not previously known. She said the police officer also had an accomplice. The 19-year-old testified that they had a house called the ‘escort agency’ which she describes as a ‘brothel’ where seven other women who worked there also belonged.

She said that they had turned it into a business, where they had also opened pages on social networks where she published pornographic photos, but the page was closed when the police officer was arrested. The commenters of the site have confirmed its existence and have said that the price of 160 euros was published there if someone wanted to visit the ‘brothel’.

For each of the employed women there was a profile where pornographic photos of them were published without showing their face. Pai closed the activity page at the ‘escort agency’ continued, but communicated with clients on Whatssap.

The incident happened 4 days ago where a 19-year-old girl sued a police officer who had sexually abused her for a long time, but because he had threatened to hurt the family, the girl was reluctant to tell the story in police. There are suspicions that the police were aware of this event because even after the lawsuit of the 19-year-old, the police did not arrest her directly but after 24 hours.