A 50-year-old man was executed this Monday morning in Fier. The serious incident took place in the neighborhood “Sheq i Madh” in Fier, where as a result the victim Ahmet Toska was shot in the head.

Journalist Valbona Davidhi reports for Abc News that the serious incident happened around 05:30 this morning, at the moment when the 50-year-old was sending his wife to work. Meanwhile, the victim’s wife, who was part of the event, is being questioned by the police.

The journalist also suggests that Toska does not turn out to be a person with a criminal record.

Meanwhile, Fier police and FNSh have set up checkpoints throughout the area to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

Police notification:

Today around 06:00, in the neighborhood “Sheq i Madh” Fier, by a still unidentified person, was killed on the street with a firearm citizen A. T., 50 years old resident in the neighborhood “Sheq i Madh”, Fier.

The investigative group went to the scene and is working to identify the perpetrator and fully uncover the event.

Checkpoints have been set up at all entrances and exits of the city and the combing of the area by the Fier Police and FNSH Fier services is continuing.