The Central Election Commission requires immigrants to participate in the April 25 elections by mail. In a report 26 provided by ABC, the working group at the CEC has come to this conclusion, although in itself the whole picture is pessimistic, with high risks, uncertainty, financial costs, and above all insufficient time for perform all necessary processes.

The CEC, taking into account the conditions of Albania (geographical location of the diaspora, available deadlines, postal service, lack of developed technological systems, considers that the most appropriate to be currently implemented in our country, is the method of external voting through mailing and downloading the ballot paper online on the CEC website The Working Group evaluates this voting method (Kosovo model) as a short-term solution.

In this way, the working group has rejected the idea of ​​voting in embassies due to the limited number of our diplomatic headquarters around the world, and has ruled out online voting, as it is unsafe.


According to the route paved by the CEC, emigrants must first declare their residences abroad through the E-albania portal. He must then enter the CEC portal and submit a request to show interest in voting. The administration of the commission makes verifications and notifies the immigrant if his right to vote has been accepted.

In this case, the emigrants are grouped in a special register, and their name is removed from the voter list in Albania. The ballot paper is downloaded online by the voter abroad from the CEC website, and after completing it, it is sent by mail to Albania.

However, the working group at the CEC says that this process has weaknesses, which include, among others:

– Assurance that the ballot paper after arriving by the voter arrives in Albania on time;

– Lack of security along the way or before counting / arriving at the CEC;

– Higher financial cost for voters, as mail to Albania is more expensive;

– Risk of fictitious addition of ballots.

The working group at the CEC has not been able to calculate how much this process will cost, but in principle, it says that the vote of an emigrant can cost, from 22-25 dollars.