President Ilir Meta has reacted after the letter of Rezarta Reimann, vice-president of the Social Democratic Group in the Municipal Council of Schgwabach in Germany, addressed to Prime Minister Edi Rama on the publication of personal data of 910 thousand citizens.

Meta says that the publication of personal data has alarmed every Albanian and every European, while calling on justice to act and bring to justice those responsible.

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Theft from the national digital system and the political use of personal data, through dictatorial methods, is shocking news for every Albanian but also for every European.

To the same deep concern and I call on the judiciary to act quickly by bringing to justice the creators and executors of these surveillance and persecution practices, which turn the country years later and tarnish the image of Albania everywhere in the world.

The legitimate questions raised by the SPD representative should in fact have alerted the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, the People’s Advocate and any state institution, which has a constitutional and legal duty to protect human rights and freedoms, democracy and the rule of law. .

On April 25, the fuchsia regime will end once and for all! 🇦🇱