The presenter Hermes Nikaj continues to be under the measure of “Home Arrest”, for more than a year. After being stopped in a hotel room with his friend, a well-known entrepreneur from Mamurras, he is now awaiting the final decision of the Court.
Meanwhile, it has been announced that Hermes Nikaj appeared a few days ago before the Court of Tirana, in the criminal room in a court session, which was held behind closed doors due to the pandemic situation. Nika was present in the courtroom together with his legal counsel, the well-known lawyer Perlat Koçillari, who is in charge of his file.

Hermes has always claimed innocence, denying the allegations made against him. According to sources, Hermes has asked the Court to try the case against him with summary judgment, staying true to the statements given earlier. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but no decision has been made on his case.

Meanwhile, the next day, July 11, Hermes celebrates her birthday, but the celebrations have started earlier. The journalist who is known as the Bird of Tirana and as the boy who does not know taboos lost the opportunity to enjoy complete freedom, however this has not prevented him from taking some new professional photos, where he appears completely transformed with a new look, long hair and braids.

The journalist is hard to recognize in these photos, as it seems that during the isolation at home he has grown a beard, already taking on a more masculine appearance. Hermes, who stands out for his curated-to-detail look, has returned to his old passion, as his beginnings have been as a model.

“Panorama Plus” has been able to provide exclusive photos of Zogu under house arrest, where he appears amidst luxury, where there also appears a private party with a boy, who is seen serving drinks. From the other photos it was seen that his best friends were also present, like Kristina Ibro known as the Albanian Christina Aguilera, who apparently surprised Hermes a lot from the pictures.

Nothing is known about the boy’s identity, while he and Kristina have been friends for years. Recall that she publicly defended Hermes, during a television program. Quite young in age but passionate about expensive brands and luxury, Hermes continues to do the same.

Euro banknotes, giant cake, balloons, flowers and many gifts surround Nika in his birthday month.

The journalist and reporter of “Vox pop” for several TV shows, has been isolated inside the four walls for months, in the hope of closing the case after the arrest, with the accusation of exploiting prostitution.
During an interview for “Panorama Plus”, he said: Photography is my early passion and they have different messages, from the fact that in the beginning I was a favorite model and image for the camera, to the fact that one should to feel free to do what you want, just as I do.

To the question whether he kept a diary during this period in detention and what he will remember with pain or nostalgia from this period of his life, he answers: “I did not keep a diary, because the phone does not leave us. But, I have a strong memory and I remember everything. What I remember with regret is the tarnishing of my image in untrue situations. “I’m sorry for the fabrication made to destroy my image and career.” / PanoramaPlus