The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama has announced that he will withdraw the lawsuit against Ramush Haradinaj.

The news was officially announced by Rama himself, during his speech at the press conference, at the end of his two-day visit to Kosovo.

“I asked Ramush for a meeting like everyone else, to go and visit him at his house or headquarters, wherever he wanted, and as a plaintiff who goes to the defendant, I believe that he was not the one who sat opening the door for me, moreover. that I would like to discuss with him on this issue which is much bigger than us, because the implications of this story can be dizzying for Kosovo in the future and I have informed him that I will not communicate with the continuous media to any door, I will hold a conference at the end where I will withdraw the lawsuit. Not that it is small for me, but it is much bigger that it should unite everyone today, because I know what the role of the lawsuit is in the relations between us. Moreover, with slander without slander, Ramush Haradinaj is not the prime minister, the politician, he is one of the historical figures and he has his place in history. The lawsuit will be officially withdrawn and that is all “, said Rama.

Regarding the issue of defamation, the Prime Minister stated:

“Defamation is a low act, it has become so normal, especially in a world like ours. I have 22 defamation lawsuits to let you know, this lawsuit I have filed here for Ramush has made more noise because it is unusual. . I would like to have the opportunity to give my little boy a leaf of lightning to have and to help him understand to explain and interpret the endless news he will encounter when I log in to Google and write Edi Rama, my father. And where will he read a monster and where he may or may not have the opportunity to ask me himself, that life is unknown. That’s why I have 22 trials. “