Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting with the citizens of Korça, sharing the projects implemented in this city and the projects that are still in process.

He also commented on the vaccine process while saying that on Monday the supply from Pfizer will start after a withdrawal by this company.

“As for the vaccine, I believe you are following what is happening in Europe and the difficulties that have arisen to guarantee it. The Pfizer company has made a production cut by arguing that it needs time to finance the investment. The ratio of production to demand is oblique.

But I am glad that we managed to get out of the siege where we were not through our fault, and we managed to have a contract with Pfizer for 500 thousand doses of this renewable.

“10,000 doses should have arrived by the end of January, but Pfizer posted and we did not have the vaccines on time, but I would like to say that we have received confirmation that the supply from Pfizer will start on Monday”, said Rama.

Rama also added that they are concluding negotiations for a contract with the company AstraZeneca for anti-covid vaccines. “We have advanced negotiations with AstraZeneca, we are not far from finalizing a contract with AstraZeneca,” he said.

Referring to the reconstruction program, Rama said that the number of schools built in these 7 years is greater than all the new schools built or reconstructed in all other years taken together.

“There is still a lot to do not only in education, but in all areas. I think that the situation is the same with education as with reconstruction. The ruins of the past have been cleaned up a lot, like hiring custom teachers from above, or bribes, while today the system is completely different. We have a big problem and at this point we have not progressed which is the problem of school management, which has not changed. It is an archaic direction in terms of knowledge and management “, said Rama.