This criminal event was recorded on the evening of September 17 in a bar in Kavaja. A citizen, identified as Besnik Çelmeta, was massacred with a knife by citizen Rizan Aliu.

The security cameras of the bar have filmed the whole serious event. The time is 19:46, and the author Rizan Aliu is seen rushing into the bar following Besnik Çelmeta.

The latter stops inside the bar and there seems to be a discussion between them. Before long, Ali puts his hand on his waist and slaps him repeatedly until he throws him to the ground in a corner inside the bar. Another person rushes after them to separate them but it seems impossible and he follows.

The author then pulls out a knife and strikes it several times. A woman and another alarmed man start to leave the bar.

Another person enters and convinces the perpetrator to leave, who is seen with a knife in his hand as he leaves the bar.

There is an argument on the veranda of the bar between him and some other people and then he runs away in the company of a woman and a man.

The video was published by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The nephew of the wounded claims in the message sent to Berisha, that the police did not do anything because the officers are friends with the aggressor.