33-year-old Dava Ndoji was raped by her father-in-law together with her daughter and grandson but also his two granddaughters, due to conflicts over the ownership of the house.

Dava Ndoja’s father said that his daughter has hematomas, her hair has been pulled out and that she cannot move her neck.

The only thing the victim’s father wants is justice. He tells how the girl’s father-in-law sent a friend to his brother’s house and told him that Dava would take his house.

However, the victim’s father says that his daughter is asking for nothing more than what the court will give her.

“I am the father of Dava Ndoja. Specifically, only today, they attacked my daughter physically, the father-in-law with all the married girl. The son of the married girl who is an adult, and the two granddaughters of the father-in-law. Dava is on a protection order. The court decision is in the form of a fine with electricity and water because they have been without water and electricity for two months. The keys to the house did not belong to Dava but to her father-in-law. The court has ordered that the bedrooms be changed. Conflicts have occurred since January 16. The girl is raped, her hair is pulled out, with hepatoma. It does not move the neck. I only seek justice, nothing more. When Dava’s father-in-law left a friend of my brother, he told Dava to take his back. “We told him what the court would give Dava, no other sen”, said the father.