The increase in the number of new cases with Covid has led Greece to postpone again the deadline for closing the border with Albania due to the situation from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Greek Embassy in Albania, through a post on the social network Facebook has announced the decision recently taken by the Greek authorities.

In the framework of this decision, it is informed that based on the epidemiological data, the restrictive measures already in force for persons entering from Albania to Greece, are extended as they are until October 25 ”.

“Based on epidemiological data, the restrictive measures that apply today to persons traveling from Albania to Greece, remain in force until October 25,” the embassy wrote.

Also remains in force is the presentation of the negative pcr test per covid 19. As the customs between the two countries will be closed from 23:00 to 07:00 every day, the number of people who will be allowed to cross in Kakavija is 750 people and 300 in Kapshtica