Mike Tyson is one of the best professional boxers the world has ever known.

In addition to his successful boxing career from 1985 to 2005, Tyson is also known for his special love for exotic animals, having owned many tigers.

The American boxer, who now runs a cannabis farm, had decided to buy a tiger while in jail in 1992.

It’s about the white tiger called Kenya, who turned into a family member for the 53-year-old.

He held Kenya for 16 years, and recently the boxer discovered the reason that forced him to give up exotic animals.

In an interview with GQ Sports, Tyson stated:

I had a pet tiger, her name was Kenya. She was about 250kg. I had a great love for her, slept with Kenya and kept her in my room. She stayed with me for 16 years. But as she got older, I had to get rid of her as her condition began to deteriorate. She attacked someone, tearing her arm. ”

In his career, Mike Tyson has played 58 boxing games, 50 of which he has won, 6 of which he has missed, and two draws. In 44 of the 50 games won, Tyson has managed to “knockout” his opponents.