Greek police have yet to find the perpetrators even though several weeks have passed since Caroline was murdered by robbers at her home in the eyes of the baby.

An article published in The Sun, the report which bears the photo of the new mother, has a story of the deceased’s husband who says that “the police failed, hopes are fading”.

Greek media reported a few days ago that the young woman’s husband may have been a suspect, due to a large amount of life insurance Caroline had, but so far these allegations have not been substantiated.

Expert Apostolos Lytras emphasizes that there is not much evidence to lead to the clarification of the event.

“No DNA samples or fingerprints were found, which does not help the search as there is not much evidence. “Something is wrong,” he said.

The British newspaper also reports that authorities have focused on ten suspected criminals from different countries.

“It is a dubious case,” he said. “We will need more than we thought to find the perpetrators,” said a Greek police officer.