Goals, spectacle and crazy turnovers in today’s 8 games. Below we present you with what happened in the four groups that came down today on the playing field

Group E

Liverpool would take the lead over the Belgians of Genk when in the 14th minute Vajnaldum would score for the Reds. However Genk will react in the 41st minute and equalize with Samata. However the reigning European champions will not miss the chance to take first place in the group after winning the challenge with a goal in the 53rd.
Napoli, meanwhile, misses the game against Salzburg when, in the 11th minute, Norway’s Erutian talent Erling Braut Haland executes the penalty awarded by Polish Marciniak. However, Ancelotti’s faithful will go on a break in the draw when Lozano on the 41st shakes the net with a shot from outside the area. So close, 1-1 with the Blue coming down second in the group with 8 points, one less than Liverpool. Salzburg is third with 4 points and closes Genk with 1 point.

Group F

Barcelona’s draw prompts Inter to start the match as a volcano against Borussia, shocking the Germans at Dortmund. Lautaro Martinez will make the most of Akanji’s mistake in midfield and with the ball in his foot will move to the area and beat Buerkin. Borussia then makes the play and creates good scoring opportunities, but Handanovic makes the superhero. 5 minutes from the end a beautiful counterattack of the blue is correctly finalized by Vesino. But in the second half, the volcano will be all gloom, with Hakim the author of a double-decker and Brant, perpetrators of the great overthrow, who put Borussia in second place with 7 points, one less than the leading Barcelona. Inter’s positions, which are 4 points down, have to be made full in the last two meetings to hope for, with one of the two teams being a Barcelona …

Group G

Zenith also falls home to Leipzig. The Germans win 2-0 at Gazprom Arena, when Deme in the 45th and Sabicer in the 63rd sealed Leipzig’s success. The Lions score twice in the first half against Benfica and channel the second success in the group. Andersen in the 4th minute and Depaje in the 33rd minute the authors of a fantastic first half for the French. In the second Lion seals the victory with Traore at the end of the challenge. Leipzig leads with 9 points, Lion second with 7, Zenit third with 4 points and closes the Benfika rankings with 3.

Group H

Ajax appears big in London and dominates the locals scoring three times in the first half, but then remaining with 9 players and ruining everything. The Dutch champions actually scored just one goal themselves, the one in the 20th minute with Promes, while in the other two moments, it was Chelsea players Abraham and Kepa who put the ball into the net. In the 5th minute Zhorzhinjo’s temporary equalizer from the penalty spot. In the second half comes the fourth goal from Van de Beck, while Azpilikueta scores the second goal for the Londoners. Then two red cards in a minute, two crazy Blind and Veltman cartoons, which equate to two more players.
Lila surprises Valencia in the first half when Osimhem in the 25th places the French ahead, but the Spaniards break through in poker in the second, catching the switch and Ajax in the 7-point quota and making Group H a conundrum. indeed.