An accident was recorded today on the axis Librazhd – Prrenjas, specifically in Prrenjas-Fshat where three people were injured.

A Benz with Albanian license plates and a Volkswagen with Macedonian license plates were involved in the serious accident with 3 injured.

One of the injured female is in serious condition, so she was sent to the regional hospital in Elbasan.

Lulzim Skura, 32, was injured in the accident and left for Elbasan; Muhamet Çela 69 years old; Astrit Belba 44; Armenda Iljazi 46 years old, from Struga leaving for Tirana, Trauma Hospital; and Mevlud Iljazi, 47, Armenda’s husband, at the Librazhd hospital

The Benz has since the collision remained in the middle of the road while the off-road vehicle ended up off the road. The collision was very strong and it is reported that one of the drivers is in serious condition for life.

It is suspected that the cause of this accident was speeding and a wrong overtaking. Police are at the scene and are working to fully investigate the accident.