While the Ministry of Health has not yet issued a decision regarding the students’ request for a return to the auditorium, the students continue to collect signatures.

In a letter drafted by their representation, the students indicate that they have managed to gather 10 thousand signatures where they request the opening of auditoriums not only for exams but also for seminars, internships and laboratory work.

They point out that online exams put students in conditions of inequality and inability to secure conditions, while adding that the opinions of professors do not represent their will.

“We inform you that the petition for the opening of auditoriums is over 10 thousand signatures. Below we present the list of all signatories. We also inform you that our requests for the opening of auditoriums are related to the development of seminars, internships and laboratory work excluding the development of lectures. We request that the development of exams be included as part of the students’ request for the opening of auditoriums and the direct admission of students to exams.

We students oppose the conduct of online exams due to the impossibility and inequality in providing the conditions for their development and consequently the pre-law and violations of the constitutional obligation. The opinions of professors and university administration do not represent the will of students and do not necessarily protect their interest.

A day ago the Technical Committee of Experts announced that within this week a decision will be made on the petition sent by students for the conduct of exams in the auditorium.