If you are seductive, sex, you may find yourself surrounded by men who want to be with you at all costs but not establish a serious relationship with you. If this is your case, read the results of this study carefully:

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, the most attractive women are the last to find a life mate.

But how has this been reached?

The study consisted of a survey of British citizens of both sexes, for the most part arguing that beautiful and single women are the object of desire for men seeking adventure alone, making it for themselves or just having sex.

But according to this study men prefer to choose a woman with a less attractive physique because they associate it with ‘normality’. This is why beautiful women often find it difficult to get married and have a family. Also, according to the British Journal of Psychology, this has to do with the fact that men do not choose these types of girls for fear of losing them or ending up abandoning them to go to another man.