Yesterday at around 23:05, gunshots were recorded in Tirana.

Sources for suggest that Leo Hera, 31, was wounded in the leg with a firearm by an as yet unidentified person.

It is also learned that the 31-year-old is from Laçi and has no criminal record. Hera, after the incident happened, went to the hospital, where he also announced the blue uniforms.

Leo Hera has indicated that at the time he was injured, he was walking on the street and that he did not see who injured him after being shot from behind.

The injured is in the care of doctors, while the police announces that the investigative group is working to uncover the event and catch the perpetrator.

Tirana / Preliminary information

On 02.11.2020, around 23:05, the Operating Room was notified that the citizen L.H., 31 years old, appeared in the hospital, injured in the leg, out of danger for life.

The 31-year-old reported that in “Don Bosko” street, he was wounded with a firearm in the leg by a still unidentified person.

The investigative group continues to work on the seizure of any possible evidence that will lead to the identification and capture of the perpetrator as well as the full clarification of the circumstances of the event.