An unusual event occurred in Tirana, where a 13-year-old with the initials L.B. fled the house at midnight. According to the newspaper “Si”, the minor had marked the name of her close friend with a boy’s name. When the father picked up the phone and saw that D. was a girl, he held the child accountable, while the angry girl waited until she found an opportunity to escape from the house and at midnight ran away with her close friend. Police were alerted to the 13-year-old’s departure shortly after her mother reported her to police station number 3 and confidently said her daughter had run away with a boy just as she had seen him talk to her frequently on the phone.

“Our daughter is related to a boy named D. because she often talks to him on the phone. “When I called the girl after she left the apartment, a man called me and told me not to be afraid because my daughter was with his son,” said the mother of the 13-year-old.

In a report full of contradictions, the woman insists that it is not about a relationship between two girls, but according to her, the 13-year-old left after it was revolted that her parents were agreeing.

“I had an argument with my husband and I told my daughter that we would probably divorce. We have never had a conflict. When his father came home the day before yesterday, he picked up the phone where he found intimate conversations with D. (who is actually a girl) and after that he ordered her and stopped her from using the phone as well as further communication with this person. ” Said the girl’s mother.

The woman adds to the police that the child threatened his father the next morning, saying “If he speaks harshly to D. then I will jump off the balcony”. Police write in the denunciation of both parents that the woman has no knowledge that D. is a girl. “My daughter has often told me that she wants to live with D. and L. has never told me that D. is a girl.” After the girl was found, the parents of the other girl were interrogated.

“I know that L. is 18 years old and not 13 years old. Last night L. took my daughter because he has a girlfriend and begged her to save me because my father threatened me. We then called my husband, who advised us not to take any action but to notify the police. “But in the meantime, the girl had left her apartment and I told my daughter to stay together until the police found her,” said the 32-year-old mother of the other girl.

The two girls, according to the police, have been friends for several months and have known each other while attending a sport.

The story of the 13-year-old

After the police found the two minors, they interrogated them in the presence of their parents and in the presence of psychologists. The 13-year-old insists she has a close and emotional friendship with her friend. “I was texting with a friend and my father grabbed my phone and asked to see who I was talking to, there he found conversations with my friend. There he threatened me and asked me not to talk to him anymore,” said the 13-year-old.

Among other things, according to the newspaper “Si”, the child has asked for a protection order from the police because according to her he feels scared by his father.