Velipoja- Two cars owned by D. N., 36 years old, which were parked on the street, near his apartment were shot with firearms by as yet unidentified persons.

The serious incident happened around 02:00 this Monday morning, while so far the causes and perpetrators of the gunshots are not known.

Police notification:

Around 02:00 this morning, in the village of Gomsiqe e Re, Administrative Unit Velipoja, Shkodra, a firearm was fired in the direction of vehicles type “Ford Fiesta” and “Benz” owned by the citizen DN, 36 years old , which were parked on the street, near his apartment.

The investigative group, under the direction of the Shkodra Judicial District Prosecutor’s Office, is working to clarify the circumstances of the event, identify and apprehend the perpetrator / s.