A serious accident occurred in Durrës, where as a result he lost his life at the age of 49 with the initials B.K resident in Sukth.

Police have handcuffed a 30-year-old woman with the initials K.D., who on the Tirana-Durrës highway, accidentally killed the cyclist.

Police misunderstanding

Traffic Specialists at the Local Police Directorate of Durrës, arrested in flagrante delicto the citizen K.D., 30 years old.

This citizen on 16.06.2020, around 07:20, on the highway Tirana – Durrës, has injured the cyclist citizen B.K., 49 years old, resident in Sukth, who after being sent to the hospital for medical assistance died.

The materials were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Durrës Judicial District for the criminal offense “Violation of traffic rules”