Skënder Murtezani is a well-known Albanian epidemiologist in the USA.

Five days ago, he became a father after 32 years of waiting. The sweet news was given by the doctor himself through a post on ‘Facebook’.

“Yesterday in Flushing Queens at NYPQ hospital my Lindita gave birth to our Bersant Murtezani. “Welcome to our soul.”

However, today in a Skype connection for ABC Morning, he has revealed some of the feelings and emotions of the moment.

Murtezani has shown that his son came to life from his second marriage with Lindita, who is from Korça.

“I am very happy that this is how a combination is made. “She is from Korça and grew up in Tirana, I am from Tetovo”, he said.

Further, the doctor stated that he chose the boy’s name from the Illyrians, Bersant, and was welcomed by the medical staff where he works.