An unusual incident occurred in Italy where the crime came out ‘discovered’ after a bag full of drugs fell from a plane which was transporting narcotics over a house on the outskirts of Baratili San Pietro in Italy.

Italian media suggest that authorities have managed to arrest the 28-year-old professional pilot from Rome who was transporting about 8 kg of drugs. This case led to the discovery of drug transport by small tourist aircraft which is a technique originally used by South American traffickers. When the drugs fell, the residents were alarmed and immediately alerted the carabinieri who discovered that there was about 8 kg of drugs in the bag.

The amount of narcotics fell from the plane a few months ago, and the 28-year-old pilot had left the country but as soon as he returned he was arrested. He is now being held in Massama Jail on drug trafficking charges.

The pilot had departed from Roma Urbe airport and after making a stop at Monti della Tolfa di Santa Severa airport, headed to Sardegna through the province of Nuoro. Then, as soon as he arrived in the province of Oristano, he disappeared from the radar for about 20 minutes during which the pilot flew at low altitude to find the starting point.

The plane’s GPS confirmed that in those twenty minutes it flew over the Cabras-Serdiani area. The plane also made a stop in Olbia and was captured by airport cameras. Investigations continue to track down other people involved in drug trafficking.