A serious incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday, where a 43-year-old man named Bujar Çela was found dead inside his work environment. He worked as a barber in Himara. The moment he was found dead, the police were called. According to police sources, the blues had to intervene to break the windows and get inside. He was found dead inside the barber shop and his engine was running. Sources have reported it as an accidental death as there is no official announcement from the blues so far.

Unofficial sources suggest that the 43-year-old may have forgotten to start the engine at night, and then the pollution caused him to suffocate. He also had a room at the barber shop, where he slept. He has relatives in Librazhd and lived there alone. Today he was sent to his last apartment in Librazhd. Vlora police are expected to make a statement a day after the event as it seems unclear as police sources say that the person was found in the toilet, hit his head from the slide and died. So there are two versions, the barber may have lost his life from asphyxiation and the other version is that the 43-year-old fell and as a result lost his life.