The Caroline case is repeated in Greece. New details have been revealed about the death of 26-year-old Garyfallia, who was pulled dead from the beach of Folegandros in Greece.

Yesterday, her 30-year-old boyfriend was handcuffed and identified by locals.

According to Greek media, they have had constant quarrels in recent days, the same thing happened on Friday afternoon, which was fatal for the 26-year-old.

They quarreled on the seashore, where according to the reconstruction of the event he hit her several times with stones and she ended up unconscious at sea. According to the first testimonies, the young man claims that he dived into the sea to help him but when he found him unconscious he fled.

The immediate observation and reaction of a woman in Folegrandros, who accidentally passed by the scene of the tragedy last night and recognized the 30-year-old who was hiding in fear in the rocky area where Garyfallia’s body was found, led police authorities to arrest the 30- year old.

The 30-year-old, after a search that lasted more than 24 hours when he was arrested last night, is suspected of telling the police ‘guys what did I do’ and then he was taken to the island police station.

Murder Department officers will in the coming hours receive footage from the Coast Guard as well as documents from the murder scene.

Police after examining the area where the car of the unfortunate girl and her boyfriend were found, they found broken the necklace that the 26-year-old had around her neck and that was forcibly removed, an earring and blood stains, while later in the sea was found a bag containing the identity of the 30-year-old.