A serious incident took place in the village of Vërkez in the Zall Herr Administrative Unit, where a head of the family named Xhevat Kodra ended his life due to property problems. Two letters were found after the event, which makes you think that he had thought of the extreme act.

One of the letters read:

Let the police follow the case, I am sick and I can no longer face all this problem. I did this only out of court … I have the problem … I tell 2 boys to join. Gru makes me halal, God bless you children, make me halal. I gave the old house to Bujar and I left.
Meanwhile today his son, Flogerti said that the father at no time had left him to doubt that he could do such an act.

He said: The father had a lot of stress just for one trial. I have been selling that land for years. I am not a person who stole, I have all the documents left by dad. Not good soil, but problematic. We have 5 years through trials. The 85-year-old goes and they never answer.
Regarding the day of the event he said his father came out early in the morning.

Flogerti said: He told me to stay calm, he went to Kamza, where he was found dead. He found a boy and called the police. I did not see him at all, because the police did not leave me. He left me with nothing to understand when he left. He called his mother at 10 o’clock and told her: “Do not be upset, be well.” I had a friend, not a father. I told him not to get upset and he said: They burst my soul.