A citizen was wounded with a firearm, resulting in his death, thanks to the immediate and professional reaction of the Police, one of the suspected perpetrators of the event was caught and handcuffed.

The other suspected co-author is declared wanted.

The weapon with which it is suspected that the perpetrators injured the 50-year-old died as well.

The structures of the Local Police Directorate of Dibër, after receiving information that in the village of Luzni, Dibër, during a conflict for weak motives, two brothers had wounded their neighbor with a firearm, immediately organized the work and thanks to the quick and professional response have made possible the capture and handcuffing of one of the perpetrators, citizen MM, 30 years old, resident in the village of Luzni, Dibër.

Meanwhile, the pursuit and combing of the area for the capture of the other co-author of the event, citizen A. M., 42 years old, who left the forest after the event, continues.

The two brothers, during a conflict for weak motives, shot with an automatic firearm the citizen Xh. K., 50 years old, who died in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Police services have found and seized as material evidence the automatic firearm with which the two brothers are suspected to have injured the 50-year-old.

The investigative group, under the direction of the Prosecution of the Dibër Judicial District, is continuing the work for the full clarification of the circumstances and the cause of the event.