An elderly woman and her 50-year-old son will be taken to the Serres Public Prosecutor’s Office the next morning after they were arrested on suspicion of killing 42-year-old businessman Giorgos Grigoriadis, the latter who was found dead. in an irrigation canal, in Nigrita.

Greek media write that the accused are neighbors of the victim, living in front of the house that the victim was renovating on the beach of Ofryni, Kavala.

The motive for the murder was personal disagreement. Police say the mother and her son had information that the 50-year-old had a strong quarrel with the 42-year-old and were even caught in the arms.

Grigoriadis received the fatal blow from a cold vehicle while he was returning home. From the first moment his body was found, the police suspected that he had been killed by someone else, as traces of blood were found in the trunk of his car, which showed that the killer took him to the irrigation canal.

According to the first information, the 50-year-old is suspected of having confessed to the murder, while his mother is accused of knowing what happened and covering it up.