Residents inform the Police that the juvenile shoots in the air with a firearm, the timely and professional intervention of the Police services, neutralizes without causing problems and puts the 14-year-old in handcuffs.

The automatic firearm, with which he had fired in the air, was seized.

The services of the Kurbin Police Commissariat, after receiving the notification that a citizen was firing with a firearm in the air in the village of Shpërdhet, Kurbin, organized the work and thanks to the quick and professional reaction made possible the identification, arrest and arrest in flagrante delicto of the perpetrator namely citizens DT, 14 years old, resident in Mamurras, Kurbin.

Police services have found and seized as material evidence the automatic firearm, with which this citizen had shot in the air.

The materials were forwarded to the Prosecution at the Kurbin Court of First Instance, for further action.