Investigations into the heinous crime in Glyka Nera where robbers killed a young mother seem to be moving towards identifying the perpetrators. The tragic event took place in Glyka Nera in the early hours of the morning of 11 May.

Police have identified a criminal whose characteristics are very similar to those of the person described by the deceased’s husband, the 32-year-old pilot. According to a report from Open, the authorities are focusing on the search for the so-called informant, as it is very important to find out how the information was obtained by the authors regarding the financial situation of this young family.

In the “microscope” a specific suspect
Meanwhile, the number of suspects being investigated by police is declining. Authorities have already identified 10 suspects who may have been among the perpetrators and are focusing on them. In fact, out of these 10 there is a specific person, whose characteristics seem to be similar by a large percentage, to those described by the 32-year-old pilot.

Meanwhile, investigations continue, while the possibility that the husband may have had a hand in the murder of Caroline, who left behind an 11-month-old daughter, is not ruled out.