The HJC has decided that the hearing to review the request for suspension or dismissal of Elbasan Judge Enkeleda Kapedani be held on Monday, June 7.

The request was filed three days ago in the High Judicial Council by the High Inspectorate of Justice, because according to the argument made by ILD, the actions of the Captain seriously discredit the figure of the judge.

ILD notification:

Methane’s request for immediate suspension of the magistrate is based on article 152, point 1 of law 96/2016 on the Status of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania, according to which “When there is a reasonable doubt that the continuation of the magistrate in office”. seriously discredits the figure and position of the magistrate, the High Inspector of Justice immediately conducts a preliminary investigation to verify the reliability of the source of information, according to Article 124 of this law, or the complaint submitted by the entities specified in Article 119 of this law. When the High Inspector of Justice establishes the conviction that the source of the information or complaint is credible, within 3 days from the receipt of the complaint or from the moment he became aware of the alleged violation, he submits to the relevant Council a reasoned report, based on facts and evidence. collected until that moment for the initiation of a disciplinary proceeding and the request for suspension of the magistrate from duty. ”

We recall that the request comes after the publication of a series of videos that the judge had published on the social network ‘tik tok’ both in her office in the Court of Elbasan, where she was acting vice president, and in other settings.