Dr. David Agus, a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, is one of the most famous and highly regarded American oncologists

He gained fame by healing Steve Jobs, who, with the help of his advice, lived another seven years, though he had the rarest and most severe form of pancreatic cancer, reports The Telegraph. He’s been called the “Rock Star” of science; is the doctor who Lance Armstrong and Ted Kennedy called for advice when they were diagnosed with cancer.

In The End of Illness, Dr. David Agus suggests that the “end of the disease” will not come from the discovery of any cure or miracle, but only from the complete prevention of the disease using the science we have now.

Read these tips to ‘save’ the ‘hardest’ enemy to fight; understand many things from a different perspective and start making changes in your life.

How and when did you get to know Steve?

“About a year after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There has actually been a relapse of this disease. I commit to aggressive and innovative approaches to cancer healing. I believe in modern ways of healing and healing as a whole. I think this way impressed Steve. ”

It’s a fact that Steve has been a vegetarian. Has this helped or prevented him from fighting this disease? What did you advise her to eat?

“He was a vegetarian, but during the recovery, he advised, he ate fish. I always say it’s better to use grease. Fats must be eaten, but the good, the greasy ones. ”

What distinguishes Jobs from other patients?

“He was extremely clever and understood medical terminology. I could talk to him about his health, not simplifying anything. ”

Angelina Jolie has breastfed only because of her risk of cancer. How does that look to her? “I believe Angelina Jolie has acted heroically, talking about her decision so publicly. It has become a model for many women. The main thing: there is nothing shameful about the disease, there is no reason to hide it, the disease must be talked about. ”

“The main obstacle to cancer is nature itself: it is self-destructive in the sense that it deceives our own cells.

Cancer is a horror that sleeps in the body of each of us. It sometimes wakes up for a short time, extracting a group of cells called tumors, but in most cases again falls into hibernation under the influence of an entire arsenal of genius methods of influence.

But sometimes when we least expect it, the beast penetrates the entire body’s defenses, leading to cell disruption to the function of those cells and the growth of malignant tissue.

We do not know what causes cancer and why the tumor develops, but there is a presumption that cancer is linked to the systemic problem – the complex disorder of our body’s function, which does not necessarily have to be cured … Prevention is important.

Make sure you constantly study yourself and keep notes. Listen to the body and you should know that you know yourself best. Your doctor will not be able to access your head or notice your symptoms. Never trust a doctor. Become your own head doctor. Do not leave your medical records with your doctor. Request a copy and keep it at home.

Follow the rules of healthy eating, sleep and physical activity, no matter the day of the week. You should definitely get used to working everything at the same time, for example, eating coffee at the same time, going to bed at the same time…

Changing the way you sleep at the weekend, in the sense that you sleep more, can ruin your health. If you go to bed at nine, and then at ten in the evening, you also disrupt your cycle, even if you sleep the same number of hours.

Learn to get ready for sleep… Radiation from a computer, television or cell phone destroys the secretion of melatonin – a hormone that stimulates sleep. At least half an hour before going to sleep, switch off your TV, phone or computer so you can sleep soundly.

Lack of sleep separates the brain from the stomach, which leads to ‘unconscious eating’. This forces the body to believe that it is hungry, but in reality it is not. Give the brain a break. The moments in which you feel “monotonous” are really a break for your brain. Always try to exercise because as much exercise is always better than no exercise at all.

Moving is much easier than it seems, before you know it is the only scientific evidence of youthful secrecy, requiring no special investment, time or money. “