Police have provided details regarding the serious accident that occurred tonight on the road axis Milot-Morina, near a gas station.

According to the police, the couple who were traveling in the vehicle type “Citroen” and their two children lost their lives in the serious collision, while their youngest child was taken to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana for specialized medical assistance.

On the Milot-Morinë road axis, near a gas station in Rreshen, a “Citroen” type vehicle with which a Kosovar family was traveling collided with a truck type vehicle driven by a citizen I.I., resident in Kosovo.

As a result, the driver of the vehicle type “Citroen”, his wife and 2 children lost their lives and the minor child was injured, who was transported to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana.

The investigation team at the scene is working to fully clarify the cause and circumstances of the event “, the police announces.