To love means to create a strong bond of feelings and trust, not only with the person at heart, but also with his / her family.

A love affair not only unites two people, but also unites two families under one roof. But not every love story always has a happy ending, there are times when families do not accept the relationship and intervene by eventually separating the couple. Such was the story of Stiljano that was treated tonight in the program “I want to make you happy”.

Stiljano in the studio of the show told the forbidden love story between him and Ersonelda, the girl who had stolen the heart of the boy from Vlora. The love story between Stiljano and Ersonelda had started a few years ago. They had known each other since childhood, as their families live in the same village of Vlora. Over the years Stiljano and Ersonelda had become better known and had started liking each other. They after 1 year of relationship had decided to get engaged and had told their family.

Unfortunately Ersonelda had lost her parents a few years ago due to an accident and her sister, her brother had been taken care of by her grandparents. It was Ersonelda’s grandparents who had stopped him from continuing his relationship with Stiliano by eventually separating them. The reason the grandparents gave was that Stiljano and Ersonelda were cousins ​​and therefore there could never be anything between them.

Stiliano, on the other hand, refuted this argument by saying: Ersonelda and I are not close cousins. We are very distant cousins. My family even told me that we could be cousins, but very, very distant. If we were close then and my parents would not allow me to continue this love story.

Stiljano had chosen the program “I want to make you happy” as a bridge of communication with Ersonelda, but also to finally decide what will happen to their love story. “Ersonelda, I brought you here to tell you that I do not care at all what others say, I love you. That’s why I want you to decide what we’re going to do! ”Was Stiljano’s message to Ersonelda.

Ersonelda on the other side of the screen confessed that she was too indecisive and that she was under a lot of pressure, both from her family and from the love she felt for Stiliano. It was at this moment, when Ersonelda was telling the story, that Stiljano interrupted her and proposed to her, but behind the scenes were her family members, who got angry and tried to enter the stage by force… (continues)