Eagle Forces in Shkodra have arrested the former police officer of FNSH Ylli Ceka, after 11 years on the run. The latter was wanted after being sentenced to 11 years in prison for the murder that occurred in 2010 in the area of ​​Fresk in Tirana. He is accused of killing Edvin Vogli.

Sources for abcnews.al suggest that his arrest was made after receiving information from the Shkodra Eagles about his whereabouts. Ylli Ceka was in a bar in the neighborhood “Serreq” of Shkodra and at the moment when he just left the bar he was arrested by the police. During the physical control carried out by the officers, the former police officer was also found with the badge of the Rapid Intervention Forces, which he was carrying with him.

Ylli Ceka in 2010 after a quarrel in which his brothers also participated, shot with a firearm where as a result the bullets took the life of Edvin Vogli.

In 2016, the court found Ceka guilty and sentenced him to 11 years in prison. The former officer is charged with “Intentional Murder” and “Illegal Possession of Weapons and Ammunition”.