The Special Appellate Panel dismisses the former head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, Donika Prela.

The decision was communicated by the chairperson of the session Natasha Mulaj.

Prela herself was not present at the hearing but was represented by her lawyer, Blerina Dodaj.

But what penalized Donika Prela and what were the conclusions of the KPA?

KPA reached the following conclusions: Regarding the property, a residential apartment with an area of ​​95.6 square meters in the street “Bajram Curri” in Tirana, it turned out that the subject of revaluation lacks the legal financial source to justify the property.

Regarding liquidity assets in the amount of ALL 4,501,427.89, it resulted that the subject of revaluation lacks the legal financial source to justify the assets.

Regarding the lender transaction in the amount of 25 thousand Euros, the College came to the conclusion that this amount is the property of the subject of revaluation and the person related to it.

For this property it turned out that there is a lack of legal financial source to justify its creation and concealment of assets has been carried out.

Based on the above conclusions, the College concludes that the subject of the revaluation Donika Prela has made an inaccurate and insufficient declaration of her property and related persons.

“Consequently, the decision of the Commission dated 05.02.2019 should be changed as it is not found fair and based on facts, evidence and laws. For this reason, the trial panel decided to change the decision of the KPC for Donika Prela, and to dismiss her from office. The decision is final and has an immediate effect “declared Natasha Mulaj.

KPC confirmed him in office

Donika Prela was unanimously confirmed in office on February 5, 2019 by the trial panel composed of Roland Ilia, Valbona Sanxhaktari and Olsi Komici.

However, the KPC decision was appealed by the Public Commissioner, who criticized the justification that the judicial body made to the untaxed income of Prela’s husband.

Prosecutor Donika Prela supported her requests for the expulsion of Natasha Mulaj and Ina Rama with the investigations carried out against their relatives and family members.

But the two requests of the prosecutor Donika Prela for the exclusion of two members of the trial panel were rejected as unfounded by two trial panels of the Panel.