A serious accident occurred on the Librazhd-Elbasan axis, where the car crashed to death 27-year-old Miranda Dashëhana.

Sources suggest that the young girl was crossing the road when she was hit by a “Golf” type vehicle. Police immediately arrived at the scene and accompanied the driver of the vehicle identified as Gentjan Askurti.

It is learned that the girl was in the company of family members, but only she decided to cross the road, which caused the tragic accident. Police report that bad weather has affected the loss of control of the vehicle.

Police report: In the ring road of Elbasan city, the vehicle type “Volkswagen”, driven by the citizen GA, resident in Elbasan, as a result of bad weather lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a citizen who was a pedestrian, and consequently lost a life.

The driver of the vehicle was escorted to the Elbasan Police Station, for further actions. The investigative team is at the scene and is working to fully document the event.