New details are learned from the murder of 50-year-old Ahmet Toska in the neighborhood ‘Sheq i Madh’ in Fier. Residents of the area say they heard gunshots while Toska was in the company of his wife, where he was shot in the head by the perpetrators.

Toska family has never had problems, and that they have been calm and respected people.

“We heard gunshots, we know them as a good family. He was accompanying the woman to work, to a bakery. I heard screams, my wife was shouting “they killed me, they killed me. The perpetrators have been without a car, the children have seen horror. He always did this road “, say the residents of the area.

Sources suggest that Toska has been without previous precedents, and was known by all as a calm and hardworking man. He was shot in the head with a pistol as he was leaving the apartment and walking near a school with his wife.

At the time of the incident, Toska was accompanied by his wife, whom he accompanied to work every day at that time. Sources inform Faxë that she has seen the whole scene, while screams have been heard in the neighborhood. It is learned that the perpetrator shot Toska from a very close distance.

Police Notice:

Today around 06:00, in the neighborhood “Sheq i Madh” Fier, by a still unidentified person, was killed on the street with a firearm citizen A. T., 50 years old resident in the neighborhood “Sheq i Madh”, Fier.

The investigative group went to the scene and is working to identify the perpetrator and fully uncover the event. Checkpoints have been set up at all entrances and exits of the city and the combing of the area by the services of Fier Police and FNSH Fier is continuing.

Below are the first images of police arriving at the scene, where Toska’s body is still lying on the ground. Police have not yet tracked down the perpetrator / perpetrators, who left the crime scene unscathed.