Sad news comes from the US, where a newborn baby has died after her mother was confirmed by coronavirus.

The female sex baby, who had only one day to come to life, became the youngest victim of the Louisiana state.

Officials “blamed” coronavirus for the death of the newborn baby, as her mother was placed in a ventilator and was forced to give birth prematurely.

Louisiana epidemiologist Beau Clark confirmed that the deceased baby would be classified as “collateral” due to coronavirus.

Clark said the mother of the dead baby was hospitalized on April 1. He gave no details about her health condition and any identifying information.

He added:

The baby did not test positive for Covid-19, however his mother was infected. After communicating with officials and doctors, we decided that the baby’s death should be considered coronavirus-related because the mother was positive. If the mother was not infected with coronavirus, and if she did not need a ventilator, it is very likely that the result would be different.
Meanwhile, the number of infected people has increased by over 15 thousand in the state of Louisiana, where 12% of them have been hospitalized.