This is the moment of the gunfight in Elbasan. The event took place in the “5 May” neighborhood of the city. The images show that the former RENEA officer Arbër Papleka gets out of the vehicle with a weapon.

The activist of the Socialist Party for Elbasan, Pjerin Xhuvani, was killed in the exchange of fire, while a police officer, Kelmend Xhaferri, and two other people were injured.

Police officer Xhensila Sota received a bullet in the leg, while another person is in serious condition in the hospital, who is suspected to be the son-in-law of the victim Pjerin Xhuvani.

Preliminary data show that the gunfight occurred due to the elections, where it is suspected that a car of the SP headquarters was seized by PD supporters distributing money in exchange for votes.

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As the journalist Aldo Kozarja reports, after ascertaining the car, the police was called. It is learned that the deputy director of the Elbasan Police, Abert Nushi, and some members of the Eagles arrived at the scene immediately. After the arrival of the police, a car with SP supporters came to the place. Upon arrival of this car at the scene, 16 shots were heard with different weapons. The whole scene took place in the presence of the Deputy Director of Elbasan Police, Albert Nushi.

A few minutes after the event, the former member of RENEA, Arbër Papleka, surrendered to the police, who is suspected of having shot at Xhuvani during the exchange of fire. The latter said that he shot for self-defense.