A date left through a classified ad ends as no worse for a 55-year-old French man.

The aged man wanted to spend some good Saturday moments he left behind paying.

He contacts the classified ad number and decides on a date with the young lady at his home.

Wanting to be generous, he pays € 200 in advance.

But, there was no time to take action when a man with the butcher knife appeared at his residence in Lattois, which was not closed.

The young man claims that he has a sister, the girl he called, and he wants revenge.

She hides in the car parked in front as the attacker hits the table and sofa in the living room and threatens to attack her.

The victim, to reassure the individual, offers them money asking them to go to the ATM.

The trio goes to Pérols with the couple’s car.

The victim withdraws € 500 for the couple and the couple leaves him near his house and runs away.

But the 55-year-old Frenchman remembers the license plate number and car model.

The criminals are arrested by the police in Prés-d’Arènes.

A stolen jacket from Lattois and the money are found in the vehicle.

An 18-year-old man of Albanian origin, who went to France unaccompanied when he was a minor, ends up in detention.

He says he has only met the 28-year-old girl for 15 days and that he knows nothing about the young woman’s activities.

He said he went with a knife because he was “angry”, write the local media.

The girl trusted the police officers saying that the young man was fully aware and that he was taking advantage of this activity.

The couple was brought before attorney Montpellier on Monday for an immediate appearance to respond to the aggravated extortion and possession of a prohibited weapon.