The existence of UFOs has often aroused curiosity and debate. Some have called them conspiracy theories, others have tried to provide evidence and facts about their existence.

Recently there is talk of a 23 minute long video, in which it is claimed that UFOs move in a strange trajectory.

It was Luis Elizondo, the person who ran the Program and discovered the existence of these images, while the pressure on the US to tell the truth about UFOTs is increasing lately. Elizondo, a former intelligence officer who resigned from the Pentagon in 2017, said he had seen the video, which he described as surprising. He revealed the information while giving an interview on YouTube for the channels Witness Citizen UAP and Fade to Black.

Elizondo, according to The Sun, is considered the governing authority on the subject UFO and investigated the phenomenon with AATIP until this unit quietly melted down in 2012. The video in question shows some extraterrestrial objects moving in a strange, incomprehensible to humans and the data were recorded by the US Navy.