This is what you see in the picture is Leonard Bashaliu, the perpetrator of the murder that shook the village of Gjocaj in Peqin this morning. The 36-year-old executed with a firearm, the 45-year-old Ylber Xhahysa.

The cause of the event seems to have become quite banal motives where a conflict started 5 years ago has led today to the loss of a life. Leonard Bashaliu stated in front of the police that he shot with a pistol in the direction of Ylber Xhahysa due to a conflict of 5 years ago for scratching the car, which escalated later today in the use of the weapon.

But it is learned that the real cause is a conflict that started between them after Ylber Xhahysa intervened to extinguish a quarrel between Leonard Bashaliu and another person and that Bashaliu accused him of why he sided with him.

However the matter is under investigation.