Tirana Police has declared the two minor girls wanted, who left their apartments on January 1 and have not returned since that day. Journalist Xhensila Kodra reports for abcnews.al that the girls with the initials M.H and K.A are 16 years old and left their homes around 09:00 in the morning.

Each of them told their parents that they would go to each other to wish for the New Year. Meanwhile, after lunch, the parents called them and both of them were turned off.

It is learned that one of them took a sum of money he had collected for the holidays and some clothes, after he left the apartment. The parents have reported their loss to the police, while they have not had any contact for three days. The police was set in motion, while checking the TIMS system, but it does not turn out that they left the Albanian territory.

Police notification:

On 01.01.2021, the citizen A. A and the citizen L. H, report that they left the apartment and did not return their 16-year-old minor daughters, friends with each other. The search was announced and work is underway to find them. The materials will be forwarded to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance Tirana, for further action.