The three brothers Gerald Marini, 38, Marjus Marini, 42, and Arjan Marini, 40, (drug users), physically assaulted police officers and attempted to abduct the weapon.

Police officer J.XH, defended the weapon and during the physical confrontation between the police officer and the brothers who tried to forcefully take the weapon to shoot the other police officers, the weapon in the policeman’s belt fired involuntarily. The police officer was injured in the shooting and the cartridge remained in the weapon inside and did not come out because the police protected the weapon from being taken.

A serious event was recorded around 20:20 this evening in the neighborhood “Dëshmorët e Kombit” in the city of Berat, where a police officer was injured in the leg. A call arrived at the Operating Room of the Local Police Directorate of Berat for a conflict between the two families Marini and Mema in the neighborhood “Dëshmorët e Kombit” has raised the police of Berat.

One of the General Police Patrols went to the conflict zone and found that 3 brothers were having a conflict with the couple Albert and Olta Mema, inside the shop of the latter. Seeing that the spouses were being raped with fists, kicks and stones, 5 police officers intervened to end the conflict.

At the moment of the intervention of the Police services, the three brothers: Gerald, Arjan and Marjus Marini raped, hit and tried to take the service weapon of one of the police officers, but during the physical confrontation between them it is suspected that the weapon fired involuntarily and As a result, 20-year-old police officer Juljan Xhalili was injured in the leg, who was transported by ambulance to the Berat Regional Hospital. Surgeon Piro Leka stated for the media that, after the first medical aid given to him in the Surgery Department, the injured Xhalili was transported for a more specialized help to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana.

Numerous police forces went to the scene, who inspected the scene, neutralized and escorted 3 brothers: Gerald, Arjan and Marjus Marini, respectively 38,40 and 42 years old. Official police sources confirm that, immediately after the event, a special investigative group was set up and under the direction of the Berat Judicial District Prosecutor’s Office, work is continuing to fully clarify the circumstances of the event, where a police officer was injured.

Olta Mema was also injured by this event, who was shot by the Marini brothers with stones on the head. She received treatment at the Berat Regional Hospital and is out of danger for life. Her brother-in-law, Arif Mema, stated that the Marini brothers stabbed Olta’s shop and threatened her. According to her brother-in-law, her husband Albert Mema immediately entered the store, who was raped by the 3 Marini brothers until the arrival of the police.