The Prosecution of Elbasan denies that it has discovered the perpetrators of the murder of Endrit Dylgjeri (Alibej), his uncle Arben Dylgjeri and the Turk Erald Durunaj that occurred on December 28, 2018 near the Bradashesh roundabout.

Here is what the spokesperson of the Prosecution communicates:

Good evening! Thanking you for your understanding, I convey to you the confirmation of the head of the prosecution, that the news published by ABC news is false and not true.

Here is what is said in the news published in the media:

The Elbasan Prosecutor’s Office has issued 5 arrest warrants regarding the execution of three people, Endrit Dylgjeri (Alibej), his uncle Arben Dylgjeri and the Turk Erald Durunaj, who happened on December 28, 2018 near the Bradashesh roundabout. Sources inform the journalist Glidona Daci for that arrest warrants have been issued for 3 executors and 2 orderers of the triple murder, which according to the investigation has its origin in 50 kg of cocaine lost in Great Britain.

According to the records, their murder was ordered by two brothers who were living in Britain at that time. While it is learned that everything started because in 2017 in London a young man from Elbasan was transporting 50 kg of cocaine on behalf of two customers. During transport he told them he had been robbed by several people on the streets of London.

He was taken hostage for several hours by several people, who had ordered him to transport the narcotics, while they suspected that he had fallen prey to the robbery of brothers Erjon and Endrit Alibej and members of their group.

In retaliation, they ordered the execution of Endrit Alibej, otherwise known as “Tarzani” of Elbasan, by hiring some people who were part of a powerful group in the field of robbery in Albania, whose members have been arrested or declared looking for various criminal offenses. On December 28, 2018, Alibej was traveling with his uncle Arben Dylgjeri and Turkish citizen Erald Durunaj to Land Rover with Romanian license plates and all three were executed by the perpetrators.

The prosecution already has strong evidence to substantiate these allegations, including environmental wiretaps documenting the execution that took place on December 28, 2018. There were three people in the perpetrators’ car, two of whom were shot while the other drove the Mercedes vehicle. Benz. has the names of the people whose arrest warrants were issued in connection with this event, but due to the investigation does not disclose them.

Endrit Alibej’s brother, Erion Alibej has been arrested by the police on charges of ordering and organizing the murder of 2 people in July, Emiliano Ramazani and Regis Runaj. He is also the main suspect in the murder of Talo Çela’s brother, Bujar Çela, which took place near the place where his brother was